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Think Board X2

Think Board X2

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  • Stick the infinite power of Rocketbook right onto your desk! Or a wall! Or a fridge! We partnered with our friends at Think Board to bring you a desk-sized Think Board X2. This peel-and-stick dry-erase surface comes equipped with built-in Rocketbook Beacons, so you can scan and send your notes to the cloud in an instant. Peel and stick the Think Board X2 to any flat surface, and use the free Rocketbook app to scan brainstorms, lessons, to-do lists, and beyond.

    • Think Board dry erase film sticks to any smooth surface
    • Easy-to-install ... no air bubbles!
    • Works with any dry-erase marker
    • 3 Pack of 8 in x 11 in (20.32 cm x 27.94 cm)
    • Includes 1 Microfiber Cloth for Erasing
    • Includes 1 Black Whiteboard Marker
    • Learn more about Think Board premium dry-erase film surfaces and installation instructions.
  • Okay, here’s the deal…our friends at Think Board make a sweet peel-and-stick whiteboard. And we have a sweet app if we do say so ourselves. So we decided to combine forces and take on the world of futuristic note-taking together. The Rocketbook app powers Think Board X2 by blasting brainstorms to the cloud or live-streaming them with your team. Really, what more could you want?