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Rocketbook Color


The Color notebook brings the time-honoured drawing experience to the mobile generation. Create colourful drawings with crayons, markers and coloured pencils, then instantly send or save them using a mobile device and the Rocketbook App.

The Color works with the entire Crayola line of dry-erase products. Many other brands work, too. However, the Crayola line has been tested with the Color and is safe for children.

Scan drawings directly from the page to email or cloud services including Google Drive, OneDrive, OneNote, iCloud, Evernote, Dropbox, Box and Slack.


Letter Size: 8 in x 9.5 in (20.32cm x 24.13cm)

  • 12 Pages
  • 8 blank pages for free-form art
  • 2 dot-grid pages for structured drawings
  • 2 lined pages for handwriting
  • Erases with a dry cloth when Crayola Dry Erase products are used
  • Ships without pens

We worked hard to engineer the perfect writing surface that can be written on with markers, crayons and coloured pencils… but can be wiped totally clean in seconds. Archive your kids' masterpieces digitally or share with the whole family!

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Just wipe with water, and watch pages erase like magic.