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New Rocketbook Pro

New Rocketbook Pro

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Infinity Black
Sage Green
Coast Blue
  • The perfect blend of style and technology for the modern professional. Wrapped in vegan leather, the Pro’s hard cover doubles as a work surface–fold it up to 360º, giving you a sturdy writing platform wherever you go. Interchangeable magnetic page packs (available here) make it a productivity workhorse. The Pro is your planner, notebook, sketchpad and more. Endlessly reusable, and loaded with digital smart features to take your notes to the next level with the free Rocketbook app. With the embedded NFC chip, you can just hold your phone over the front cover and the Pro will even open the app for you. The Pro was designed to do everything so you can do anything.

    • Letter Size: 21.59cm x 27.94cm
      Executive Size: 17.78cm x 22.86 cm
    • Embedded NFC chip (auto-opens the Rocketbook App)
    • Includes 40 pages Lined/Dot Grid Reusable Page Pack with Smart features (20 sheets front/back)
    • Premium, scratch-resistant hard cover

    • Lay-flat design (180º or 360º)

    • Pilot FriXion pen and microfibre cloth included

    • Optional Page Packs (available here) equipped with Smart Titles, Smart Tags and magnetic binding

    • Supported by the free Rocketbook App (with OCR transcription, Smart Lists, auto-save to up to 7 destinations, and much more…)

  • We’re thrilled to deliver a notebook that looks beautiful in the boardroom, makes an impression at meetings, and keeps you hyper-organised. You told us you wanted something durable, scratch-resistant and professional looking, so that’s exactly what we built! Pages are endlessly reusable (like all other Rocketbook products), but interchangeable Page Packs allow for the Pro to function as a planner, notebook, sketchpad and more. Also an upgrade to the digital age - the Pro has an embedded NFC hotspot that can be customised with most phone apps. Plus, use the free Rocketbook App to save digital copies of your notes online for easy reference later.