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Custom Rocketbooks

Custom Rocketbooks

Do you have an upcoming event or conference?

Maybe you're looking for that corporate gift that you'd be proud to have your brand on? Why not customise Rocketbooks with your logo!

An innovative and sustainable (reusable) notebook that is sure to have your recipients talking and engaged with your brand long after they've received it!

We offer discounted pricing for larger orders and can customise Rocketbooks with your brand and messaging.

Contact us below to receive a quote today or email us at info@getrocketbook.com.au.

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Why Customise Rocketbooks?

Are you sick of your branded merchandise ending up in the bin?

With Rocketbook you no longer have to worry about that!

Rocketbooks are:

  • Innovative - they show your organisation is embracing technology
  • Environmentally Friendly - as they are reusable they are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable
  • Relevant - they can be used instantly at your event, conference, or within the office and beyond
  • Stimulate Conversation - Our unique notebooks are cloud connected, reusable and our transcription functionality make our notebooks worth talking about
  • Long Lasting - Don't give away items that may be used once, Rocketbooks will be used long after you gift them

Contact us at info@getrocketbook.com.au if you have any questions