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How to Beat “Super Senior” Syndrome

May 02, 2017 2 min read

How to Beat “Super Senior” Syndrome - Rocketbook Australia

Believe it or not, only 49% of college students graduate within four years*. That means 51% aka THE MAJORITY of students are no longer on the four-year plan. The question is; What causes this detour?


One-third of college students decide to transfer to a different school during their college careers*. Every school also has different curriculums and credit requirements. Sometimes credits do not transfer between schools causing students to retake classes that they have already taken somewhere else.

Tip:Most of the information will bridge when you take them at a different school (*cough* save your notes). Or better yet, try out Rocketbook! The cloud-connected notebook that  instantly sends your notes to your favorite cloud applications.


Changing a Major/Minor

Not everyone knows what they want to do when they enter college. 80% of students end up changing their major AT LEAST once*. Many up to three times. That’s a lot of different requirements and classes to take. No wonder students fall behind!

Tip:Make a pros and cons list of all your first year required courses. What you liked and what you disliked. Chances are, you will find a subject that sticks with you more than others and can point you in the right direction. BUT don't lose that list by the time sophomore year rolls around...scan and save in your Rocketbook.

Socializing (Duh)

All I have to say is… @TotalFratMove and @BarstoolSports. Enough said!

Tip:If this looks like you during the middle of the week you are most likely not doing yourself any favors. DJ Khaled has millions of dollars and your bank account is lingering on $0.00. Pull out your Rocketbook and start making a budget. They’re important and you’re almost a real-life grown up.

Working & Interning

There is a lot of pressure on college students to have multiple internships and jobs during their college career to gain experience in the workforce. Because of this trend, many schools are beginning to incorporate a five-year curriculum that includes working and school.

Tip: Take your ideas from the classroom to work without the baggage. With Rocketbook you don’t need to carry your books around to remember what you wrote, access it on any of your devices once you've scanned it to your desired destination.


Likely the most obvious one of them all… college is NOT cheap! A lot of people have to work while they go to school making it hard to balance a full-time job and a full-time school schedule. Going to school part-time is a nice alternative to pay less money at one time for an education, BUT this sets students behind the four-year track.

Tip:Buy a few Rocketbook’s ONE TIME and have them your ENTIRE college career because they are reusable. Do you know much $$$$ you save on notebooks? A lot. *mind blowing*

Good news! The super senior syndrome is curable...check outwww.getrocketbook.com to find which treatment (aka Rocketbook) is right for you.