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How to Keep A Gratitude Journal

January 09, 2019 3 min read

How to Keep A Gratitude Journal - Rocketbook Australia

Posted by Beth Cubbage on January 8, 2019. 

Do you ever find yourself getting snappy during the holidays or when your schedule is busier than usual? The start of a new year can bring logistical and emotional challenges and drive even the most organized person a little crazy. 

Fortunately, there's something you can do to help yourself feel more positive during busy times throughout the year. All you need is a Rocketbook and just 5 minutes a day. It's simple: keep a gratitude journal.

Gratitude is Good for You

Did you know that people who practice gratitude are physically healthier than others? That's right - people who make it a habit to be grateful report fewer aches and pains, and feel more healthy, than those who don't. Grateful people even sleep better! Gratitude has psychological benefits too. Studies show that gratitude reduces negative emotions, increasing happiness and lifting depression. Being grateful also has a powerful effect on your relationships. By feeling and expressing appreciation for your loved ones, you'll strengthen bonds and foster empathy. Gratitude is a pretty great habit to cultivate year round. If you have a Rocketbook, you won't believe how easy it is to practice being thankful in just a few minutes a day.

Practicing Gratitude

Keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to remind yourself of the things you are grateful for. You can even use your Rocketbook to keep your journal, and to maintain a record of your writings. 

Gratitude Journal Find Space in Your Rocketbook

First, devote some space in your Rocketbook to the gratitude journal. Even if you use your notebook for everything and you can only dedicate two pages, that's plenty! Label the pages in a way that will jog your memory in case your notes try to overtake the gratitude journal! You may want to use the first few pages of your notebook as your gratitude journal, so you'll glance at the things you've written each time you take notes.

Find Space in Your Day

Now that you have a physical spot to write down your thoughts, find time in your day. To develop a habit that you can maintain, identify a time of day during which you can devote five minutes to keeping your gratitude journal. It might be first thing in morning, before the rest of the house is up. It could be during breakfast, the five minutes before you go to bed, or your commute time (if you ride public transportation). As long as it fits into your life, you can build the practice of gratitude in almost any time! The key is to choose a time and stick with it.

Not a Writer? Try a Bullet Journal!

Feeling daunted by the idea of a journal? Don't be! This doesn't have to be a long story. Start by writing just a few sentences, or even words. One day might be as simple as:
  • The tree outside my office window
  • My friend, Tara
  • Hazelnut coffee

Don't pressure yourself to be deep or insightful or anything. Just take the good as it comes, whether it's mundane or profound. To learn more about bullet journaling, check out How to Bullet Journal with Your Rocketbook.  

Keep a Record

Since you're using a Rocketbook, you can keep an electronic gratitude journal to refer back to any time. When you're writing your gratitude thoughts for the day, make sure to date your post. Then upload your thoughts to a special "Gratitude" folder. It can be pretty fun and rewarding to refer back to your gratitude journal, and re-reading your thoughts will inevitably spark a happy memory.


About the Author: Beth Cubbage is a consulting manager at a software company and mom to two girls. Beth has a PhD in Economics, which she uses to design various incentive programs for her kids’ bedtime (still working on that).  When she isn’t wrangling work projects or family activities, Beth writes about career, productivity and parenting at ParentLightly.com. In her (very) spare time, Beth enjoys mountain biking, martial arts and obstacle races. Beth's Rocketbook Everlast helps keep her sane.