Pro Tip: Blast Your Content to Multiple Destinations at Once
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Pro Tip: Blast Your Content to Multiple Destinations at Once by Marking More than One Symbol

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If you’ve read the title of this Pro Tip, you probably don’t need an in-depth explanation for what you need to do in order to take advantage of this awesome feature.  It’s pretty simple:

  1. Fill a Rocketbook page with whatever content you’d like.
  2. If more than one destination is relevant to your content, mark more than one corresponding icon.
  3. Capture each finished page using your Rocketbook app.
  4. After syncing, your content will appear in every destination you marked.


However self-explanatory, this little-known pro-tip can save you a ton of time whenever you want to send the same content to multiple people and destinations. Practical applications for this function could include:

  • Sending copies of your homework to yourself, your parents and/or your teacher
  • Sending notes from a group meeting to yourself for personal archiving as well as to a shared drive
  • Maintaining a central/copied archive of everything you have ever written in your Rocketbook
  • Any other intention that would cause you to want to copy more than one person or destination


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