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Create a Forever Photo Book with Rocketbook Color

July 26, 2018 3 min read

Create a Forever Photo Book with Rocketbook Color - Rocketbook Australia

Posted by Beth Cubbage July 23, 2018

Looking for a way to commemorate your kids’ artwork, or your own, without hanging on to huge piles of paper? You can make a photo book of art in no time with a Rocketbook Color, Google Drive, and Google Photos!

Get the Essentials

You’ll need a Rocketbook Color and a variety of colorful markers to make your masterpieces! You will also need to have one of your Rocketbook symbols set up to send pages to Google Drive (any folder is fine). Now let the creative juices flow!

Step 1: Enable Google Photos to access pictures in Google Drive

First, navigate to Google Photos and make sure you’re signed in. Click on the Menu icon in the upper lefthand corner (three horizontal lines). Select Settings (gear icon). Scroll toward the bottom and turn on “Google Drive: Sync Photos and Videos from Google Drive.”


Step 2: Make Awesome Art

Let your imagination run wild on the pages of your Rocketbook. And, if you make a mistake, just erase with water!

Step 3: Upload to Google Drive

When your artistic creations are complete inside your Rocketbook Color, the next step is sending them to Google Drive from the Rocketbook App. It doesn’t matter which folder you send them to - all folders in Google Drive will sync to Google Photos once you’ve turned the sync option on. Be sure to standardize the filenames so you can search for the photos once they’ve been synced to Google Photos. You should also set File Type to JPEG when you set up your Kids’ Art destination in the Rocketbook app. This will ensure that the files will sync with Google Photos.

Step 4: Find Art in Google Photos

When you’re ready to create your book of art, head on over to Google Photos. In the search field, enter the standardized filename that you chose in Step 3. For example, if you stuck with the default file naming, you can search for “RB”. If you chose something else, search for that, e.g. “Kid Art”.

Step 5: Select Photos

Select the pictures you’d like to include in your book by clicking on the picture in the Google Photos window. Selected photos will have a checkmark in the upper left hand corner. When you’re finished selecting pictures, click the plus sign (+) in the upper right hand corner of the screen and then click “Photo Book”.


Step 6: Customize your Photo Book

You can include between 20 and 100 photos in your book! Any picture in Google Photos can be included, so go ahead and intersperse family photos with uploaded artwork. Customize your cover photo and title by clicking on the cover in the photo book display. In the photo book display window, you can also drag and drop pictures to rearrange the order.


Google Photo Books currently doesn’t offer options like custom layouts or captions. There will be just one picture per page, with three different size options. You can’t get too creative because of the limited layout options, but the upside is that the Google Photo Book can be created in a matter of minutes!

Step 7: Check Out

When you’re happy with your book, click on the shopping cart icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen. You’ll be able to choose between a 7” square softcover book or a 9” square hardcover book.


Beth Cubbage is a consulting manager at a software company and mom to two girls. Beth has a PhD in Economics, which she uses to design various incentive programs for her kids’ bedtime (still working on that).  When she isn’t wrangling work projects or family activities, Beth writes about career, productivity, and parenting at ParentLightly.com. In her (very) spare time, Beth enjoys mountain biking, martial arts, and obstacle races. Beth's Rocketbook Everlast helps keep her sane.