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Rocketbook: Your International Shipping Questions Answered

April 25, 2017 2 min read

Does Rocketbook ship to your country? What is the least expensive way to get your product? Here’s a quick guide to understanding how to get Rocketbook in locations outside of the U.S.!


Ordering Through Our Official Web Site

GetRocketbook.com is the only channel that sells every Rocketbook product, and we ship directly to most countries. Known exceptions are The Russian Federation, Ghana, Nigeria, Iran, and North Korea. When ordering online, you will be billed for the cost of your products and the cost of shipping. When your package arrives, you may be responsible for additional customs duties and fees.


Ordering on Amazon.com

When ordering from Amazon.com, shipping is limited to these export countries served through the Amazon Global Program. When visiting Amazon.com (the dot-com American web site), place your Rocketbook items in your shopping cart and enter your address, and, if your country is among the Amazon Global export countries, you should be able to complete the transaction. We have heard from some customers that international duties and fees may be lowest through the Amazon Global program. It may be most economical to order through that channel.


Ordering through Other International Retailers

Rocketbook does not currently have official distributors outside of the U.S., though a large handful of enterprising outfits have bulk-ordered Rocketbook and are unofficially distributing Rocketbook abroad. These resellers may be able to sell you Rocketbook at a lower overall price to the extent that they paid lower per-unit costs on shipping and duties. However, since channels other than GetRocketbook.com and Amazon.com are unofficial, we do not control the prices they charge, nor can we guarantee product quality or authenticity, and we can’t process returns.


For support and additional questions about shipping, please e-mail us at hello@getrocketbook.com!