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3 Tips for a Successful Brainstorm

March 28, 2019 3 min read

3 Tips for a Successful Brainstorm - Rocketbook Australia

Posted by Kristy Fitzpatrick on March 22, 2019. 

Everyone brainstorms differently. After all, it is called a brainSTORM - and storms by nature are different. Here at Rocketbook, we brainstorm constantly and are always putting our astronaut helmets together to make your wildest requests come true.

Before beginning a brainstorming session, be sure to clearly define its purpose. Are you brainstorming an idea? A team structure? A fundraiser? Whatever it may be, make sure to define the reason for the brainstorm first. Once you’ve complted this first step, follow these three tips to ensure your next brainstorming session is out of this world.

Tip #1: Create a Judgement-Free Zone

Like Winston Churchill said,“No idea is so outlandish that it should not be considered.”When brainstorming, make it clear for everyone involved that no idea is a bad idea. People don’t always feel comfortable sharing their ideas due to fear of rejection, so it’s important to keep a judgement-free zone. Sometimes the most ridiculous ideas can spark the most impactful ones. The more inclusive your atmosphere is, the more ideas you’re going to recieve. If ideas get rolling out of control, don’t be afraid to suggest some sort of talking stick to pass around. It’s important to make sure all opinions and ideas are heard.

Tip #2: Remember that Quantity Produces Quality

For many aspects of life we’re told that quality is better than quantity. For brainstorms, let’s leave that ideology at the door! For a successful session, it’s important to get all ideas on the table and then narrow them down. If you’re using a whiteboard for a brainstorm, get everything written down on the board. This will enable you to visualize ideas and build off of them - like a chain reaction.

Tip #3: Document Your Ideas

What’s a brainstorm if the ideas aren’t documented and shared with all participants? Make sure one person is assigned to taking notes during the session. A common place for brainstorming is in front of a large white board. If that’s the case, make sure you’re prepared to document what is on that board to keep in a safe place (before it gets erased).

In case you haven’t noticed already, there’s a flaw in photo documentation of whiteboards. Taking a photo captures everything around the whiteboard, but doesn’t digitize your notes, and likely sits in your phone forgotten until you need to delete the image for more storage. But fear not! We’ve solved this problem with Rocketbook Beacons. With these 4 restickable beacons, you can scan your whiteboard brainstorm and blast it to the destination of your choice through the Rocketbook app! Broadcast Mode also allows remote brainstormers to tune in, in real time.


Bonus Tip: Create a shared folder on dropbox or google drive for your team and send scans directly to that destination.

Brainstorming is an applicable skill to all aspects of life, and all occupations. Remember to allow everyone's voice to be heard without judgement, and encourage quirky ideas. Whatever way you choose to remember your brainstorming session, just make sure it’s documented somewhere for everyone to reference. We hope these tips will help make your next brainstorming session a success.

About the Author: Kristy is a business student at Suffolk University, studying Entrepreneurship with a minor in Marketing. She has a love for brand building and social media marketing. She’s a licensed Cosmetologist and Manicurist, but uses her transferable skills to work in all aspects of the business world. When shes not working she’s usually singing A Cappella, hanging with friends, vlogging, or trying new food and drinks around Boston. Find her on Instagram (@theofficialkristy).