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How To Use Rocketbook 7 Days A Week

November 01, 2018 3 min read

How To Use Rocketbook 7 Days A Week - Rocketbook Australia

Posted by Beth Cubbage on November 1, 2018.

Think notebooks and planners are only necessary for certain days of the week? Think again! There's value in organizing and prioritizing every day of the week, formally or informally. See how a consulting manager and mom of two uses her Rocketbook every day of the week. 

One Day At A Time

Rocketbook is the perfect smart notebook for almostany situation. From a customer meeting to my kids’ martial arts class - and everywhere in between - my Rocketbook is exactly what I need to keep everything organized. See where my smart notebook goes during a typical week!


On Monday, my Rocketbook comes with me to work. Before the day gets rolling, Iblock out my time for the week in my Rocketbook. Throughout the day, it gets filled with meeting notes. From prepping for a customer on-site, to squeezing in one-on-ones with my team, this is where I writeeverything down.

I catch an evening flight for a customer meeting. My Rocketbook is the only thing I use during the short flight! I take some notes about the upcoming meeting, and then I switch gears and outline an upcoming blog post forParent Lightly, my site for working moms. I am amazed by how productive I am on the plane, and I didn’t even pull out my laptop or phone!


At the customer meeting on Tuesday morning, I quickly realize the downside to all of my productivity on Monday: my notebook is nearly full! Fortunately, we arrive at the client site a bit early so I quickly upload my notes and erase the pages. Everyone is fascinated by the process. By the end of the day, at least two other people in the meeting have bought their own Rocketbooks!

Back on the plane on Tuesday evening, I review my notes from the day. I’ll upload them in the morning and send the notes (10+ pages!) out to the project team in case we need to refer back to them. It’s important in my line of work to document discussions with clients to I’m glad to have the notes.


My Rocketbook and I are back in the office on Wednesday, for a normal day. I spend a few minutes first thing in the morning uploading my notes from Tuesday and erasing. What a busy week! I take notes in the Rocketbook during typical meetings, and then head out to pick up my kids. It’s their martial arts class day.

At taekwondo, my kids are in two different classes. The sibling who’s watching class isalways bored. Fortunately, I have my Rocketbook along for the ride, as well as somePilot Frixion colored pens. It’s immediate entertainment for the kids!

My 6 year old draws some elaborate landscapes and practices her writing and math. Younger sister works on her abstract art. The kidslove seeing their creations on the phone, so I upload all of their drawings and then show the girls the digital versions of their masterpieces. They’re amazed.

Thursday & Friday

Thursday and Friday are typical days in the office. I use my Rocketbook at work for meeting notes and I’m continuing to add to my time blocks as the days fill out! On Friday, my office is freezing so I take my Rocketbook and sit outside to work for a while. I can be super productive while being unplugged, and I love that!

On Friday evening, we go out for dinner. The kids are bored and unhappy with the crayon choices at the restaurant. Fortunately, I’ve still got my Rocketbook and Pilot Frixion colored pens in my work bag. Out they come, for a peaceful few minutes until dinner arrives. I try to remember to bring my kids’Rocketbook Color Notebooks when we go out to dinner since they each have one, but I’m happy to have my Everlast when I forget the Colors like I did today.

Saturday & Sunday

We’re on the go at kid events and doing household chores! I always bring my notebook with me so I can make notes for blog posts when I have down time. I snag a few hours of writing on Saturday afternoon during naptime and late Saturday evening. In both cases, I’m able to be super productive because I had already written notes and to-dos down in my Rocketbook. Win!


Beth Cubbage is a consulting manager at a software company and mom to two girls. Beth has a PhD in Economics, which she uses to design various incentive programs for her kids’ bedtime (still working on that).  When she isn’t wrangling work projects or family activities, Beth writes about career, productivity, and parenting at ParentLightly.com. In her (very) spare time, Beth enjoys mountain biking, martial arts, and obstacle races. Beth's Rocketbook Everlast helps keep her sane.