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In True American Fashion, Rocketbook is Manufactured in The USA

July 05, 2017 1 min read

In True American Fashion, Rocketbook is Manufactured in The USA - Rocketbook Australia

Since the birth of this great nation, risk-takers and dreamers have put quill to paper in pursuit of product innovation. For our co-founders Joe LeMay and Jake Epstein, maximizing the value of their innovative smart notebooks meant manufacturing locally and becoming fully engaged  in the production process.

“For us, manufacturing in the US was an easy decision,” recalled Jake. “Yes, America makes great products. But for us... it's about building locally. Working closely with partners allows us to keep an eye on quality and build the kinds of relationships that help us ride through bumps in the road”.

From serene Lee, Massachusetts to Providence Rhode Island, our manufacturing partners cut, assemble, print and deliver our Rocketbooks to a standard of quality we’re proud of. Both locales are just a hop, skip and jump from our intergalactic headquarters in Boston, which makes it easy for us to stay closely connected to the production of our smart notebooks.

Additionally, the majority of our smart notebook components are made in the U.S.A. The custom microwave-safe paper we use in our Rocketbook Wave is made in upstate New York.  Only our Wave bindings (Japan) and Everlast paper (Europe) are sourced abroad.