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Sync It Right the First Time

July 08, 2017 2 min read

Sync It Right the First Time - Rocketbook Australia

It’s the first question most people ask when they find out you can blast your Rocketbook pages to any of our eight integrated cloud services: how does the book know where to send your content? This quick guide will help you understand how our system works and how you’ll set your Rocketbook app up for the first time.

First, you have some decisions to make.Before setting up your Rocketbook app, decide what kind of content you’ll be blasting to the cloud. You may have destination folders in mind already. If not, go into your cloud services and create new destinations for Rocketbook content. For example, a student may want to centralize her math notes to a single folder. A business person may want to share notes with his entire team. A husband may want to e-mail love letters to his wife. Rocketbook pages have seven icons, which means you can choose up to seven destinations. Once you decide on, and/or create these destinations, you’ll be well on your way. If you want to remember these destinations, there is space to do so on the inside cover of your notebook. If you use a FriXion pen, you can always erase or revise your destinations later.

Second, open your Rocketbook app.Click on the destinations button and find where each icon can be configured. For each new cloud service you decide to use, you will have to log in to that service through the Rocketbook. app. Navigate to your desired destination, save your settings, and repeat for each icon configuration. Your app will now be configured to send your content to every icon that you set up.

Third, set your advanced preferences.You can decide whether you want your content to blast your pages manually or automatically, and what format you prefer for your pages to be sent in.

Fourth, start writing on your pages, and don’t forget to mark one or more symbols on the bottom of each page to send high resolution images to the destinations you’ve configured in the Rocketbook app. The app “sees” your marks and sends your notes to the places they belong online.

Finally, scan your completed pages. Our sophisticated machine vision makes your job simple. Hold your phone above the book, and in milliseconds, the Rocketbook app will detect your page. When the space over your page turns green, that is a signal that your page has scanned and you can keep scanning as you flip to the next page, and the next. The Rocketbook app not only scans, but produces images more crisp and vibrant than the real thing.

Pro tip: Scan often.The beauty of the Rocketbook system is that by archiving your notes in the cloud, you never need the notebook itself in order to access your pages. Go ahead--forget your notebook at home. Leave it on an airplane by mistake. With Rocketbook, so long as you scan your pages often, you’ll never lose your work!