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Video Tutorial: 6 Steps to Begin Bullet Journaling

April 09, 2019 1 min read

Video Tutorial: 6 Steps to Begin Bullet Journaling - Rocketbook Australia

Posted by Nicole Cohen on April 9, 2019.

The Bullet Journal Method took the notebook world by storm when it was first introduced by creator Ryder Carroll in 2015. Since then, creators and planners all over the world have adopted the method into their daily routines to maximize productivity and organization. Perhaps the best thing about the Bullet Journal Method (in addition to its flexibility and customizability) is that it works with any notebook, journal, agenda, blank page, or scrap of paper. You can Bullet Journal anywhere, including in your Rocketbook!

Check out the video below for some Bullet Journal inspiration in the Rocketbook Everlast. Be sure to let us know if and how you incorporate the Bullet Journal Method into your Rocketbook!

For additional information and further details on bullet journaling. check out How to Bullet Journal with Your Rocketbook. If you're interested in creating other layouts in your Everlast, read about 4 Steps to Easy Travel Logging


About the Author and Filmmaker: Nicole is an undergraduate student at Tufts University where she is studying English and Film. She is passionate about all things writing, journaling, and design. In her spare time, Nicole enjoys reading, going to flea markets, and going to the movie theatre. Her favorite product from the Rocketbook line is the Everlast Mini, which she uses to write down her to-do lists for the day!