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Beacons with Think Board Whiteboard

Beacons with Think Board Whiteboard

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  • Do you want the infinite power of Rocketbook Beacons, but don't have a dry erase surface? Our friends at Think Board got you covered!

    • Think Board dry erase film sticks to any smooth wall
    • Easy-to-install ... no air bubbles!
    • Works with any dry erase marker  
    • Includes one set of Beacons, microfibre cloth and one black dry erase marker
  • Two Size Options

    • 4 feet by 8 feet (X Large - White)
    • 4 feet by 12 feet (XX Large - White)

    Learn more about Think Board premium dry erase film surfaces and installation instructions

  • Okay, here's the deal... our friends at Think Board make a sweet whiteboard. But some of us want a dry erase surface that will last indefinitely and won't show that weird ghosting mess. Now you might ask, WHAT? HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? We know. We said the same thing when their test results came back. In fact, they tell their customers that Think Board should last 10 years without ghosting or any sign of wear and tear.