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Rocketbook Goes Back to School at Boston University

August 17, 2018 2 min read

Rocketbook Goes Back to School at Boston University - Rocketbook Australia

Posted by Shena Lohardjo on August 15, 2018

On Wednesday, July 25th the Rocket Squad landed at Boston University’s BUild Lab where we hosted over 50 students and faculty for some cool summer refreshments of J.P Licks ice cream and lemonade. We have an incredible community of users who are students and educators, and wanted to host a Think Tank to learn more about what members of the BU community have to say about Rocketbook.

Rocketbook Squad


This summer, we have two interns from Boston University who thought the best place to have this event at was the BUild Lab - BU’s recently opened innovation lab that runs a summer accelerator for student entrepreneurs. Attendees showed up for some post-programming treats, tried out our different products and sat down for a lightning talk with Rocketbook co-founder, Jake Epstein. The talk was buzzing with questions like “what was it like to be on Shark Tank?” and “what do top accelerators like Techstars look for in the application process?” Before they left, they also received a Rocketbook swag bag with our latest product, the Everlast Mini, to take home and try out.

At this event, we learned more about the classes students think that Rocketbook would be perfect in, what accessories they would like to add, and how they organize their notes. The best part was getting to know the student entrepreneurs and the amazing ideas they are currently working on this summer. The drive and pursuit for innovation amongst the students was inspiring, and we hope to do more community events in Boston.

Thank you to everyone who joined us and to the staff at the BUild Lab for hosting us! We appreciate the time and honest feedback we gathered, so we can create an even better Rocketbook experience.

Couldn’t attend but have great ideas for us? Head over to our User Suggestion page.


Shena is a senior at Boston University studying Finance & Management Information Systems. Upon her arrival to Boston, she has made it her mission to champion for startups and the innovation ecosystem through her on-campus activities and internships. For fun, she likes to cook, read and go to spin/barre classes. Her favorite notebook is the Rocketbook Wave because it feels just like pen and paper!